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Professional Carpet Cleaning Process in Birmingham, AL 


Your Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning professionals in Birmingham, AL are here to help you understand the professional carpet cleaning process we use to get the best results possible for your carpet. We have shared this video with you as a visual so you can see how well our process works.

As you watch the video please note that our products are environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic, disinfectants, and are residue free. They are safe for small kids and pets. We clean your carpets using an agitation process all the way down to the carpet backing. The process is safe and gentle on your carpets, but tough on dirt. We then follow up with a drying process. We groom your carpets to allow for quick and even drying. This will also help revitalize the carpet fibers.


To take advantage of our professional carpet cleaning process, please contact Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning at 205-618-9150.

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