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How to clean Carpet Food Stains in Birmingham, AL

This video shows how to clean Carpet Food Stains in Birmingham, AL.  Most of the products used are items you may already have in your cupboards such as vinegar, alcohol, dish soap and ammonia.  Add some water and you can clean just about any food type stain from your carpets.  Try these simple tips for How to clean Carpet Food stains in Birmingham, AL.  If you still need help, give Heaven's Best Carpet and Rug Cleaners a call at (205) 739-1880.  Our spot cleaners will clean just about any stain you can get in your carpet. So, don't get to upset over food stains.  They are fairly easy to get out.  Call Heaven's Best at (205) 739-1880 for spot and stain help, or fill out the form below.

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